Colorado Legal Services

Find legal information here. Colorado Legal Services (CLS), a non-profit organization, has helped low-income individuals including seniors in Colorado for over 90 years. CLS’ mission is to provide meaningful access to high quality, civil legal services in the pursuit of justice for as many low-income persons and members of vulnerable populations throughout Colorado as possible.



CLS has offices throughout Colorado. Call, walk-in (during walk-in hours only), or complete an online application. And/or find legal information here.

We’ll ask you questions to figure out whether we can help you. Questions will be about your income, assets and legal problem. CLS reviews your wages and assets (including bank accounts and more) to see if you qualify. CLS also reviews your legal problem, and also determines whether resources are available to help. If you meet certain income limits and are eligible, you won’t pay for help.

Some CLS offices help seniors 60 and over regardless of income, but only if their legal problem falls within CLS priorities, and if financial resources are available.

Unless given permission by you, CLS doesn’t talk about your case to anyone who doesn’t work for us. If you threaten to commit a crime, including hurting yourself or another person, we’ll report you. Click here for more information about how CLS works, including priority case types. Thank you.

Complete the Online Application Here,  

or, find and call your Local CLS Office Here


Self Help Legal Information

Self-help legal information for civil legal matters, where to find legal help, court and referral information. CLS assists with civil legal matters only. For criminal and traffic, click here.


Advocate Support

Support for legal advocates helping low-income individuals in civil legal matters. Available to civil legal aid and pro bono attorneys, law students and others.

The Legal Aid Foundation of Colorado supports our work.

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Northwest Project
Volunteer attorneys providing advice, limited and full representation to low-income clients with civil legal cases.

Colorado Farmworkers Project
Providing education, advocacy, and legal representation to Colorado’s farmworkers.


Pueblo County Pro Bono Project
Volunteer attorneys provide advice, limited representation and full representation to low-income clients with civil legal cases.

Colorado ID Project
Help low-income, disabled, homeless and elderly citizens seeking ID and citizenship documentation in order to get healthcare, public benefits, housing, transportation, employment and other essential human rights.